Infrastructure Management

Today's CTOs face enormous challenges of provisioning high-quality services with reduction in their costs. The potential solution in having this achieved is to utilize remote infrastructure managed services that would complement in-house IT staff.

Gartner estimates that "70% of IT support for infrastructure services shall be soon performed from a remote location" and "remote infrastructure management services could reduce labor costs up-to 50% resulting up-to 30% overall net savings, excluding one-time transition charges."

Legend Solutions transformational Server, Database, Network, Storage, Applications & ERPs, End User Help, Desktop Security, Email Messaging, Web Solutions prepare your infrastructure in adapting to the changing business environment.

Legend Solutions have designed its Managed Services for large as well as small and medium businesses. Our offering model is completely flexible that allows either dedicated or shared services with the option to outsource based on your business needs.

Service Deliverables

  • ITIL Based Process Management.
  • Technology Management.
  • 24x7 Service Monitoring & Management.
  • Performance and Capacity Monitoring & Management.
  • Vendor and 3rd Party Supplier Management.
  • Defining and Implementing a Robust Transition Management Process.
  • Deploying efficient, effective and Sophisticated Real-Time management Dashboards/Portals.
  • Service Levels Based Management and Governance.


  • Reduced Cost of Operations.
  • Single Point of Contact.
  • Improved Service availability to Businesses.
  • Increased ROI.
  • Flexible and customized engagement Models.