Frequently Asked Questions


Question 1: How do we monitor and charge against a service? Explain one such service with Example

Let’s take an example of database service (similarly to other services as well), here is detailed explanation for the platinum service. Platinum RDBA delivers 24x7 supports, and leaves you in control over recourse allocation.

Platinum Remote DBA Services include:

  • 24x7 Production Database availability monitoring: database up/down and relevant services.
  • DB server hardware monitoring 24x7: disk space, CPU and Memory utilization, Etc.
  • Preventive database monitoring: logs, space of database structure (tables, tablespaces, datafiles).
  • Database performance monitoring: cache hits and other performance parameters.
  • Fault Management and monitoring: user locks, runway processes, etc.
  • Fixing critical database problems emerging in the course of normal and abnormal operations.
  • Back-up process strategy: Planning, Implementation, Regular monitoring and maintenance.
  • Free full use of Cerberus Capacity Planning and Monitoring System for monitored instances.
  • Comprehensive real time, daily, weekly, and emergency web based reporting.
  • Response time to the database critical alerts/or emergencies within 15 to 30 min. range.
  • Database software upgrades, fixes, and patches and reinstallation.
  • Light Database performance and tuning work of existing application and SQL.
  • DBA Support of development community with Oracle/SQL Server/MySQL expertise.
  • Development server(s) support on as needed-on-demand basis. (Business hours only).
  • Custom application/scripts monitoring.

Typical price structure for "Platinum Remote DBA Services":

$999/per month per each database instance.
10 hours per month of free consulting included.
1 quarter SLA minimum.
Volume discounts start from 3 instances, possible by 50% discount in most cases. All prices are subject to change. Please contact our sales team for the service/rates details for the other services/support.

On an average, this consultation should cost any company 50% to 80% less than the cost of a fully loaded DBA.

Question 2: If Service NOT mentioned, do you still support?

Sure please contact us. We will revert back with the best possible solution.

Question 3: Is support on-site or remote?

It depends entirely on the nature of work. We work remotely mostly as it is cost effective.

Questions 4: Is your plans & rates compatible in market?

Without getting compromise on the quality, we can beat any rates. Do get in touch with sales team.

Question 5: Do you support all geographical locations?

Yes. We work 24x7x365.

Question 6: We are okay with our current service providers, but rates are on the higher side, is there any provision that we can test/evaluate your services?

Yes. Please contact our sales team for more details.

Question 7: We already have a service provider; can we use your services partially?

Its time of competition, we can beat any rates with best service quality. We are expert in service transitions with the minimum service effects. Please contact our marketing team for more details.

Question 8: How do you ensure the confidentiality of client data/business?

We sign the trust deal with penalty and service breakage clauses. We respect our clients and ready to go any extent to sign any document to make them feel comfortable with us.

Question 9: My question is still not answered here, can I write an email?

Please download our brochuere, also do contact our sales team for more details.